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2023 roadmap of Crimson Heights

Wer’e going to make a testable/playable version of our server out as soon as we can, that we then develop live on as you play and test it with us.

Players who join us for the beta will receive rewards on the server launch.

If a title is strikethrough it means we’re already done with this step.

1. Get the server up to speed

Take the server back to the point where we left development in 2022.

Completed 12 March

2. Finish the Miners Guild

The Miners Guild is one of 3 optional guilds/factions you can join on Crimson Heights. Read more in our Wiki.

3. Set up the in-game menus for Miners guild

4. Finish setting up The Dark Crypt (Dungeon)

The Dark Crypt is the first dungeon that players will experience after getting far enough in the main story.

5. Set up the main story guild (Project name Portal Masters)

6. Set up and build The Arcane Beast (Dungeon)

The Arcane Beast is the second dungeon that players will unlock through the main quest story.

7. Create crafting recipes from Dungeons

8. Build and set up The Sorcerer (Dungeon)

The Sorcerer is the third dungeon that players unlock through the main quest story.

8. Set up The Fighters Guild

8. Set up in-game menus for The Fighters Guild

9. Set up the farmers guild

10. Add menus for the farmers guild

11. Set up the last player stock controlled shops around spawn

12. Permissions walkthrough and testing

13. Open the server for beta testing 😍

14. Balance weapons, armor and dungeon difficulty

15. Start the voice acting project