Introduction – The Miners Guild

The Miners Guild can be found in the quarry connected to the main city of Crimson Heights, it’s a faction being run by Guildmaster Chris.

Miners Guild works just like Farmers- and Fighters guild, you can only be a member of 1 of these factions at a time and lose all progress if you leave them.

  • Max reputation: 250
  • Quests: 6
  • Daily Quests 4

Requirements to join:

  • 10 or above Mining skill

Guild Reputation Unlocks:

  • Warp to guild, unlocks at 50 reputation.
  • New items you can buy from the Quartermaster Shop that increases yields and efficiency of your mining.
  • Remote access to the Quartermaster Shop, unlocks at 200 reputation.
  • Chat titles
  • Achievements